• EditingMaster

    I make this post to see how many people are still playing this game even after 2 years without any kind of update, if you see this post and you're still active comment on this post.

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  • Wildbuckshot

    I used my Cutting torch to make a wrist blade & lost my torch. I thought it had unlimited uses WTF I wouldn't have paid $2.17 for a single use item. How can I get this fixed.. I'm pissed..

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  • Flameroran77

    Hey there everyone. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person in the world that plays this game; I have yet to encounter an actual human in my hometown.

    Now, I'm a somewhat experienced wiki-goer. I've worked on hundreds of pages on multiple wikis, and while I enjoy this wiki and believe it's pretty useful, I also see a massive gap in quality between this one and just about any other.

    Wikis are supposed to information based, and told from a collective, impartial point of view, while still maintaining a good level of detail. Here, pages are effectively forum posts; encounters are told from a first person point of view, and in a less than formal tone. Users who have a wiki count, and therefore something to identify with and make record of, …

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  • BigNate112

    Portland City Pass

    September 22, 2014 by BigNate112

    I'm stuck on a screen on Portland that only says leave. Now I cant get it to not. Please Help.

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  • Crossplayz

    Downed Cessna help

    August 18, 2014 by Crossplayz

    First I broke the window and got in the plane but then my finger slipped and clicked jump out. So when I click run (the only option) it still waits for me to complete it help is appreciated

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