Here you can find a list of encounters that are in the game. Each encounter has its own page with details. You can find a list of youtube channels that do video walk-throughs by clicking here.

Encounters can be General, Limited Time, Location-Type Specific, Location Specific, and IAP Exclusive. General encounters occur when loading the game or pressing 'keep searching' until they occur. Limited time encounters are typically seasonal or holiday encounters, and sometimes later become regular encounters. Location-type specific encounters occur at a type of location (the first time you search a church, for example).  Location specific encounters occur at a specific location (the Buddy Holly Museum of Lubbock, TX for example). In-App Purchase encounters in the process of being added.

For a full playlist of survivor z encounters check out this playlist:

Playlist is from Bshoretv

General EncountersEdit

These encounters occur when you load the game, or press "Keep Searching" until they occur.

Limited Time EncountersEdit

Encounters that were available on Christmas 2014 (December 25, 2014).

Note: These appear to have become regular encounters now.

Location-Type SpecificEdit

These encounters occur at specific location types, for example, the first time you search a church. The majority of these require a minimum of Level 3.

Location SpecificEdit

These encounters occur at specific locations, typically also obtainable with City Pass or other IAP. If different from the encounter name, the map label will be listed after. Many of these require a minimum of Level 3.

Cave Creek, ArizonaEdit

San Diego, CaliforniaEdit

San Francisco, CaliforniaEdit

New Orleans, LouisianaEdit

Staten Island, New YorkEdit

Portland, OregonEdit

Lubbock, TexasEdit

In-App PurchasesEdit

Important Encounter Tips and Encounter Quick GuideEdit

In order to remove spoilers from the main page, two new pages are going to be added.

Important Encounter Tips is a list of what is generally considered to be the most important tips regarding different encounters. These tips are limited to what is absolutely necessary to gain entry to a location, what you must do to avoid pre-scripted deaths, and how not to miss out on limited items and companions.

Encounter Quick Guide will be a list of the selections to make for the best possible playthrough. There may be multiple versions of them depending on how risky the particular play through is and what you can possibly gain. It will contain minimal details on the dialogue, focusing only on what you can potentially gain from the encounters.