You're walking through the forest and then Clark appears to warn you about a trap he set. You can attack or talk.

Talk: A walker appears and he hands you a gatorshot (gator+shotgun) to kill a walker. Accept, refuse, or attack.

Accept: You obtain a gatorshot and then can kill the walker or choose to attack Clark. Kill walker: Invites you to his house. Follow or attack.

Follow: You arrive at his door where you can stay standing or sit. (I don't think taking boots off does anything to change this)

Sit: You see his trophies and 6 backpacks on the wall. You can then say nothing is the matter, ask about the gear, or attack.

Ask about Gear: Tells you he basically found it but he then stands up looking at the floor and you have to decide whether it's time to go, stand up, or remain sitting.

[Do not say everything is fine or nothing is wrong. He gives you poison water and then you run away.]

Stand Up: Option doesn't work for as the story wouldn't go forward,

Remain Sitting: Clark attacks you with a gator pro and has a crosshair icon (has to be killed with rilfe or sniper) You then can search his house or check out noise.

Search house: 6 backpacks, work boots, and some random tools. You can then check basement or leave.

Check basement: Break the lock with bolt cutters or crowbar where you see a starving human that you can talk or attack him.

Talk: Tells you the help him until some dude suddenly appears and shoots a cross-bolt into his head. You can attack him or talk.

Talk: Offers you a two crossed arrow badge that you can accept or refuse or just simply attack him.

Accept Badge: Dude tells you it might keep you alive if you ever see another dude wearing the same vest he's wearing.

End of encounter

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