IAPs, or In App Purchases, are available in the 'Merchant' menu. All IAPs are completely optional, but there are a few things that can only be obtained via IAP or by traveling to specific, real-world locations. IAPs are also a way to obtain hard to find or rare items that make gameplay easier. IAP encounters and 'City Passes' are available through the 'Challenges' menu, while IAP items automatically are placed in your inventory. There is several types or categories, many of which add significantly to game play. Some of them fit under more than one category

City PassesEdit

City Passes are Challenges which allow you to explore real world locations without traveling there. Many include access to Location-Specific Encounters, while also making it easier to find Location-Type Encounters without having to travel in order to change what types of location are currently in range of your current location.

List of City Pass IAPsEdit

Battle MapEdit

Battle maps function similar to City Passes, although it is unlikely they contain any of the location-specific encounters. They will still likely make location-type specific encounters easier to find.

List of Battle Map IAPsEdit

Encounter PacksEdit

Encounter Packs are collections of popular or hard to find encounters that can be replayed as much as you like. Some are location-specific, some are location-type specific, and some are entirely unique to IAP.

List of Encounter Pack IAPsEdit

Items and SuppliesEdit

Many useful items can be purchased by in-app purchase. While most items are available in regular game-play, many are rare or difficult to find. Also available is supplies, companions, and vehicles; things like large quantities of food and water for your character, powerful mercenaries to protect you in combat, and vehicles to expand your search range in your real world location.

List of Item and Supply IAPsEdit

Second Chance TokensEdit

Second Chance Tokens allow you to revive should you be killed in-game without taking penalty or completely restarting.

List of Second Chance Token IAPsEdit

IAPs by PriceEdit

A list of all currently available IAPs, sorted by cost.

$0.99 IAPsEdit

$1.99 IAPsEdit

$2.99 IAPsEdit

$3.99 IAPsEdit

$4.99 IAPsEdit

$5.99 IAPsEdit

$9.99 IAPsEdit

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