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Items come in 7 categories: Tools, Armor, Weapons, Ammo, Vehicles, Raw Materials, and Crafted items. Raw materials are used to craft items. Some items have multiple uses, such as a crowbar, which can be used during encounters to open doors and break locks. Some tools can also be used as makeshift weapons, although they tend to be less effective than items in the actual weapon category.



Some items that appear to be armor may have the label 'Tool' on their card.



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Sometimes, killing from a distance is of more advantage. Some enemies can only be killed by ranged weapons, but ammo will become more difficult to find over time.


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Melee Weapons are good for silent kills and saving ammo.



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While ammunition automatically assigns to any weapons that can use it, there are coming updates that will allow to trade ammo, or steal it, from other players. Even the crafting update will possibly allow players to create their own ammunition, so it is important to know which bullets go to which guns.



Vehicles enable players to search larger areas, and more locations by increasing range and their capacity to carry a larger payload. There is not information available on all the vehicles yet, as some were discovered by image files.Bold means you can find it in game.

Raw MaterialsEdit

These items are used only for crafting and have no other purpose. These items can be found scavenging strongholds.


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Many of the following items are exclusively earned through crafting. See the Crafts page for a full explanation of crafts and their uses.


Upgraded WeaponsEdit


Upgraded ArmorEdit



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