Manton is a whiz with technology but not probably the best guy to take out on a mission.

(Note: Manton has 5 hits per combat round, and he can finish 2-3 zed per round. So he actually is a good guy to take on a mission.)


Stats Edit


  • Melee : 8
  • Ballistic: 0

Attacks per combat round: 5


Manton is a random find that, like any item, can be found while searching. He has been reported as being found in the Prelude, Downed Cessna, and Boarded-up House missions.

  • Confirmed Locations:
    1. Prelude
      • Coffee Shop: After killing driver and gunner, search for a chance to get him.
      • Freeway: If not found at Coffee Shop, then you have a second chance at the Freeway via killing the group that comes towards you after checking the sheriff's crashed car/pockets.
    2. Downed Cessna In case of having Great Replays repeat this encounter multiple times until you get him.
    3. Restaurant Pack, the Mexican restaurant, IAP. You can replay it multiple times until you get him.

Tool UseEdit

Having Manton with you grants you 14 extra inventory slots.

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