The game begins with this series of encounters. There are many ways it can go, and a lot of loot to gain if you play it right. During any random item finds in the prelude, the items will always be level 1 items.

Initial ChoicesEdit

At the beginning, you can choose to head to Dave's, or look for weapons. Looking for weapons results in a random item; which can be any level 1 item including a quantity of ammo.  If you skip this option, you won't get the free item(s). Afterwards, you have the option of heading to the gym, coffee shop, or pawn shop.


There are no requirements for being able to break into the gym. If you don't select the gym first, you will miss out on it unless you are unable to break into the coffee shop from lack of tools or weapons.  If you decide to break into the gym, you will find a Steel Pipe that the narrative states was originally from a barbell.

Coffee ShopEdit

In order to break into the coffee shop, you need the Steel Pipe from the gym or a some other melee weapon or tool from the random item search at the beginning. Lacking this is the only way to return to the gym once you have chosen to come to the coffee shop. Searching the coffee shop results in finding a Kitchen Knife.

Upon leaving the coffee shop, you notice a car approaching and then must chose to either Wave Them Down or Hide.  

Wave Them Down:  This option never ends well and is not recommended. Waving them down gives you the option to beg, fight, or run. Selecting the fight option leads to instant death. Selecting beg or run both cause you to miss out on the pawn shop part of the encounter.  

Hide: Selecting hide will give you three options; Attack Driver, Stay Down, or Run. If you choose to Stay Down, you then have the options to either Go To Pawn Shop or Go To Dave's. Attacking the driver initiates a relatively easy fight with a single survivor armed with a Hatchet. By the time you defeat the driver, his friends have returned. The narrative implies that choosing to fight means facing both of them, but the fight is actually only with one of the two survivors, this one armed with Shotgun. You find out after the fight that his companion chose to flee instead. After winning the fight, you can search him or leave. Searching results in 3-6 random items. You do not get their weapons, unless it is one of the random items found.

  • There's a chance to find a survivor, Manton, here after killing and searching the guys. Aside from this and 'Heading Home' part of the Prelude, there are multiple encounters in the main game where he can potentially be found.

Pawn ShopEdit

At the pawn shop, you find a crowd gathered outside, bordering on a riot. You are given the options to Stay Down and Watch, Join In, or Avoid This. The only option that will allow you to get additional guns is Join In, all other options have you move on to the next part without getting anything. After choosing to Join In, you then need to select 'Wait, followed by 'Run In'. Any other option only move you to the next encounter.

After running in, you can check the Back Wall, a Glass Case, or Watch The Fight. Selecting Back Wall will lead to you being stopped by the store owner before you get anything. Choosing to Watch The Fight will also lead to you getting nothing from the encounter. Your best option is to select the Glass Case.  The glass case gives you an option to pick up a semi-auto or revolver.  



The strongest of these guns are the .45 Auto Pistol, the Semi Auto Pistol, and the Revolver. The revolver needs more frequent reloading than two Semi Autos, making those two the better choice. You get a random ammo amount, including the possibility of getting no ammo. The shop owner wins the fight with the other survivor, and points his gun at you, demanding you return the gun. The only way to keep the weapon is to fight the shop owner, who is armed with a Carbine Rifle. This is a difficult fight if you do not use the handgun you just grabbed, a previously obtained gun, or get lucky using Melee Weapons. Afterwards, you can grab another gun or just leave. The Grab A Gun option gives you an additional random handgun listed above as well as the owner's Carbine Rifle.


As with many encounters, you have the option to check it out or leave to the next encounter. Here, you can Search The Cars, Check Man's Pockets, Call For Help, or Keep Moving.  If you call for help, you move directly to an encounter with four survivors and miss the items here.

Search the Cars: You pick up a Revolver with 0-9 ammo and a police badge. While the police badge is not an actual item, it opens up some important options in later parts of the prelude. Searching the cars first is highly recommended.

Check Man's/Deputy's Pockets: Leads to you finding Pepper Spray that had been hanging on his belt.

Check On Woman: Checking on the woman at any point will lead to a fight with one zed. It is good for some quick xp, but yields no additional items.

Check The Trunk: Checking the trunk results in a Crowbar, one of the most useful items in the game. Immediately after, there will be four survivors that approach. More on them under 'Call for Help'.  

Call For Help: Either after you check the trunk or if you call for help, you will be approached by four survivors. You will have the options to flash your badge, explain, point your gun at them, or run. Pointing a gun at them will make them back off. If you choose to explain or flash the badge, you get the option to fight them. If you choose to fight them, you will get no further options regarding the vehicles.

Despite the narrative describing one of them using a pocket knife, the actual weapons they use are a Crowbar, Steel Pipe, Large Axe, and Hatchet. Without a loaded gun, or luck, the fight can be difficult. Their loot will a Pocket Knife plus 1-4 other random items. You do not get their weapons unless it is one of the random items.

  • There's a chance to find a survivor, Manton, here after killing and searching the guys. Aside from this and the coffee shop, there are multiple encounters in the main game where he can potentially be found.

Headed HomeEdit

At the freeway overpass, you can grab a Shotgun with 0-1 ammo from a truck without any trouble, and if you check more cars, you also obtain a pair of Sunglasses.  

Your next options allow you to break into a service station and gather water, food, or sundries.  If you choose sundries, you will get three random items (which can include ammunition). Ignoring the store, the narrative mentions you spot an ambulance swerving, and gives you the option to search more cars. However, this option will only get you one random item rather than the three you could get from the gas station.  

With the ambulance encounter, you discover two people fighting in the front. Yell at them skips most of the ambulance part, leading to no rewards. You can also help the ambulance driver, which triggers a fight with a runner, but you can alternatively search the ambulance, netting you a First Aid Kit. You will then have to fight a runner, which is a tougher zed that you cannot run from. Make sure you equip a good weapon before choosing fight since the zed will too close on the initiative grid for you to switch from your pack. After the fight, you can search the ambulance to get a Water Bottle, Plastic Tubing, and another First Aid Kit.

At this point, a crowd has gathered and one survivor accuses you of being infected and says they should kill you to stop it from spreading. You are given the options to Run, Jump In The Front, and Talk To Them. If you jump to the front, the mob is distracted by the dead biter, allowing you to escape. If you talk to them, you calm them down and the narrative makes note of your awesomeness. If you choose run, the survivor pulls a small pistol and you have the option to talk to him or fight him. If you fight, despite mentioning the gun he fights with a Kitchen Knife. Once you defeat him, you have the opportunity to look for the gun he dropped. You won't find it at first, but if you keep looking for his gun, you will pick up a .22 Magnum Pistol, but you will also have to fight another runner since the ambulance driver turned. Note that you cannot flee from runners.

Note: The encounter is currently glitched, allowing you to flee from the runners.

Police StationEdit

This part of the prelude in when the badge from earlier is most useful, and having the badge is the only way you can gain anything from this part of the encounter. After you approach, you have the options to Incite a Riot, Leave, or Approach the Cop. If you have the badge, you will have the option to show it to the cop once you approach him. You lie about being mugged, and the cop unholsters his sidearm, a .44 Magnum, to give you and tosses you a spare Kevlar Vest before wishing you luck and heading back inside the station.

If you instead insight a riot, staying near the front leads to your temporary arrest, and staying back you get a chance to flee when you see the police firing beanbags at the crowd as well as tear gas. This option has no benefits.

Military CheckpointEdit

Approaching the checkpoint is useless unless you have the police badge, and even if you do, it just allows you to skip past this encounter.

Going around the checkpoint gives you the option to jump the fence, or check a shed.  Checking the shed requires some sort of light source; if you were lucky enough to find a light source, you can pick up a pair of Bolt Cutters. Otherwise, you are better off moving on to the next encounter.

You have the option to kill a zed in the street before getting to Dave's, and then a small horde of three zed. It's good for some quick xp, but has no item benefit. At Dave's, you can check the garage for a Gas Can and a Ball Peen Hammer.  If you check the kitchen, you will pick up a Flashlight and an Iron Frying Pan. You do not get to search both areas. It is recommended that you search the garage, the hammer can be used in crafting and does more damage, and you will get a flashlight at the start of the next part of the prelude. Upon leaving you have an optional fight if you want to get some more xp.

Home Sweet HomeEdit

As soon as the encounter begins, you receive 300 12 Ga Shotgun Shells, 230 .762 Rifle Ammo, a Pump Shotgun, a Semi Auto Rifle, and a Police Flashlight.

Be careful in dealing with the military trucks. There are no possible item or xp gains from this encounter, and if you aren't interested in investigating the narrative options, staying inside is best. Talking to them at some point adds slightly different narrative choices immediately after they leave, but if you don't go back inside when they tell you to, you will be executed and have to restart the prelude.

You have the option of going to your neighbor's house, or staying home and listening to the radio. The neighbor's house will net you a few random items, while listening to your radio makes the private gun club part of the encounter available. You can only choose one; the gun club option is highly recommended as the ammo will later be hard to come by.

Neighbor's HouseEdit

If you have a light source, you can go in and search the kitchen for a kitchen knife or the fridge for some food.  Otherwise, your choices will all result in a man entering the front door.  If you choose to attack him, he will leave and you can search the house.

Also, if you turn off your light source, you can hide and he will eventually leave, allowing you to search the house.  If you enter with no light source and shut the door, you can still search the kitchen.  Waiting to use your light source until you stub your toe while trying to search will skip the encounter with the man.  

Searching the house results in 4 or more random items. 

Private Gun ClubEdit

If you choose not to go to the neighbor's house, you can listen in on a radio transmission and go looking for the gun club.  Your options are to find a car, find a bike, or go on foot. If you want to be successful, you must take a car.

On Foot:  You can use the streets, yards, or use a light source.  On the streets, you have the option to fight a small horde of two zed, then a single zed, for some xp.  If you take the yards, you will get the option to fight one zed.  If you choose to use a light, you get the option to kill a crawler.  After, you can kill another zed and take a car as if you had chosen the option to find a car in the first place.

Find A Bike:  You go straight to the gun club.

Find A Car:  You have to kill a zed to search the car, and then equip a light source to find the keys.  If you fail to equip a light source or avoid the fight with the zed, you move on to find a damaged, but drive-able jeep. After this, the options all lead you to the gun club. Choosing lights, you get the option to run over some zed, but this in narrative only, and will not give you any xp. If you chose no lights, you get the options to fight a horde of two zed, then a single zed. Whether you choose to fight or not, you will arrive at the gun club.

You can look around the gun club, although checking for a back door achieves nothing. When you do approach the front door, the encounter plays out relatively the same whether you attempt try to break the lock, pry the door, or knock. You will have to fight one zed.  After killing the zed, you get the option to talk or try to break in. Talking to him he simply tells you to go away. Attempting to break in leads to the man telling you the door is triple barred, and threatening to drop tear gas on you.

If you did not take a car, you will have to return home empty handed. If you did take a car, the narrative gives you the option to use it as a battering ram to get in.

Aim For Door:  Just before the car hits, the survivor inside is seen opening the speak-easy door to look out. If you run with the car, you have a random chance of having to fight the survivor (See 'Aim For Wall'), or having him end up pinned under the car.  If you stay back, the car pins the survivor and you get the option take his Semi Auto Rifle. This is the only option that gets you this extra gun. At this point he is coughing up blood, and asks for help because he doesn't want the biters to get him. You can finish him off, move the car off him, or start searching. If you choose to fight him, he will be armed with a claw hammer.* Moving the car off him, you find he is babbling and nearly unconscious. You are given the options to kill him or search.   

If you search immediately, you will only find the ammo. To find the guns, you must either finish off the survivor or move the car. Doing so will result in you finding four guns: a Carbine Rifle, an Auto Shotgun, an Assault Shotgun, and an Assault Rifle. Whether or not you kill him after moving the car makes no difference in finding the guns.  

Aim For Wall:  You do not pin the survivor and will have to fight him to get inside.  If you run in with a light source, the narrative will state he is shooting at you.  He is armed with a Semi Auto Rifle.*  Note that even if you are wearing a pair of night vision goggles from a random item find, the survivor is able to "zero in on your light source."  Despite killing him, you will not get his Semi Auto Rifle when you search.

At this point, you may search the club, resulting in the weapons as described above. Afterwards, searching again will yield the pile of ammo, consisting of 200 12 Ga Shotgun Shells, 300 5.56 Rifle Ammo, 300 .762 Rifle Ammo, and 200 .30 Cal Ammo. Following this, you have the option to fight the two zeds or to wait for them. Fighting them leads to you heading home, while choosing the option to wait will allow you to enter the basement as well.

Searching the Basement: Make sure to equip a light source, otherwise you will fight a horde without gain. Upon equipping your light source, you have the options of looking for guns or ammo. You can choose either, but make sure than when the next option is presented, you choose the other before you get the bag, or you may miss out. Gathering guns gets you up to 6 Assault Rifles, and gathering ammo gets you 1000 .762 Rifle Ammo. The last item you get is a Duffle Bag. After gathering the items, you will face a horde of between 24-36 zed you will have to kill. Your new guns will come in handy for this task, and it's recommended when facing that many you equip one of the automatic weapons.

*Note: The Private Gun Club encounter is currently glitched. Until the glitch is fixed, the survivor is shown fighting with a semi auto rifle after you take his gun when he is pinned, and a claw hammer all other times.


When you return home, you find someone is inside your house. The npc survivor here, June, is involved in some unique encounters later in the game, so a peaceful approach is recommended. Your first options are to enter front, yell out, or look it the window.

Look In Window: You are able to make out the figure inside, and if you are armed with a gun, you have the option to shoot them through the window, causing her to flee, or you can go inside, which leads to the same options as 'Enter Front'

Enter Front: You can hear they are rummaging in the closet, likely looking for weapons. You have the options to wait for them, attack, or call out. Waiting for them acts as an ambush option, but you hesitate when you see how young she is. Calling out leads to the same narrative as if you had yelled out when you first arrived.

Yell Out: You make your best 'cop' voice, and the girl cries out for mercy, saying she thought you were gone for good. She introduces herself, and explains her situation. You eventually have the option to ask her to join you or to tell her to leave. Narrative indicates you were a bit insincere in your offer, and she may have detected this in your voice, and departs. You then head down to your bunker.

Attack: Any attempt to attack her leads to her bolting 'like a rabbit' and escaping.

Alone at LastEdit

You receive a Machete you had stashed in your bunker. This is one of the best melee weapons, allowing two hits per turn, and doing more damage than most two handed melee weapons. As a one-handed weapon, you are able to wield two at once. 

You can search a car, a truck, or search the area.  If you choose "Search the Area," you will miss the opportunity to search the car and truck and exit the prelude.

Searching the car will often result in finding a Car Battery or Gas Can, but sometimes you will instead find a random tool.

Searching the truck requires breaking the glass, and you find shotgun shells and 0-2 random items, as well as the keys. Using the keys, you can then search the camper for more random items.

A barking dog gets your attention, and you then have an option to kill a zed walking down the road for xp, or simply leave to exit the prelude.