Initially you can check a car or check the house.  The car has nothing useful.  Next, you can check the front door, back door, and eventually the side window.

The back door cannot be opened.

The front door can be pried open by a crowbar.  Entering via the front door nets you a large axe.  Afterwards, you will have to fight or leave.  Next, you will encounter a single zed, then three zed.  You can then go outside and either leave or face the hordes, or stay and fight.  If you stay, you will fight 3 small hordes of 3 zed, then you can go outside or stay and fight two large hordes of 20 and 30 zed.  If you make it, you get to search the house for about ten random items. Entering via the side window allows you to search the front of the house or rear of the house.  

  • Searching the front of the house nets you a large axe.  Attempting to remove the barricade from the front door is pointless since it is boarded up from the outside. Next, you will have to fight a 2 zed small horde, then a single zed, then either leave or fight two large 21 and 23 zed hordes.  If you win, you will get ten random items, plus the large axe if you didn't get it earlier.  
  • Searching the rear of the house begins the fighting and you don't get the large axe unless you kill all of the zed.

​If you've killed all of the zed and gotten the big haul from the house, you will have to fight one last fight against two small hordes of 2 zed each.

Then if you have gas can and lighter, you can burn the house down for fun.

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