The only way into the truck here is to break into the driver's door with a crowbar or bolt cutters.  Once inside, you can grab up a hunting rifle and 50 30-06 ammution.  Next, you can break into a cabinet in the truck to gather up 7 .30 bullets, 10 12 gauge shells, a pair of binoculars, a semi auto pistol, and a carbine rifle.  Searching more will net you some food and water.  

You are confronted by a pair of survivors next; if you surrender(NOT RECOMMENDED), you get tied up and eaten by zed; resulting in death.  Staying in the truck results in being gassed and eaten by zed.  

  • However, if you equip a respirator or a gas mask, you can survive the gassing and ambush them

Fighting them is the only real option if you don't have a respirator; they fight with a pump shotgun and a  carbine rifle.

Searching the bodies, you will pick up a pump shotgun, a carbine rifle, a cricket bat , and some zip ties .  Next, you can use their keys to pick up 1-2 .22 magnum pistol.  Afterwards, you can stay and fight a series of zed fights:

  • One small horde of 4 zed
  • One large horde of 21 zed
  • A runner, a zed, and three small hordes of 2, 3, and 4 zed  
  • A runner and a large horde of 21 zombies.
  • (Rumors say they just keep coming, however this is unconfirmed)
  • RUMOR CONFIRMED: They do not just keep coming, you can choose to fight 2 more groups, one has a few walkers with a runner, the other is a small horde of walkers with a runner. Alfte fighting, there arent any more coming, and you leave.

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