Hey there everyone. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person in the world that plays this game; I have yet to encounter an actual human in my hometown.

Now, I'm a somewhat experienced wiki-goer. I've worked on hundreds of pages on multiple wikis, and while I enjoy this wiki and believe it's pretty useful, I also see a massive gap in quality between this one and just about any other.

Wikis are supposed to information based, and told from a collective, impartial point of view, while still maintaining a good level of detail. Here, pages are effectively forum posts; encounters are told from a first person point of view, and in a less than formal tone. Users who have a wiki count, and therefore something to identify with and make record of, are in a ridiculously small minority, and despite information being posted in comment responses, the page itself is unchanged. It's a bit of a mess, and it makes me a bit sad, frankly, to see the potential this wiki has in a pile on the hypothetical floor.

So, I propose something of a project, so to speak. Users who care for the good of this game, and this wiki should take the time to create a wiki account, and pick themselves a nice profile picture. It takes less than a minute, and should go far to clear up the messes of "A Wiki Contributor" responding to "A Wiki Contributor". This wouldn't be mandatory, of course. Those same users should then go out of their way to update the pages of this wiki with as much information as possible (The comments should be good sources.) and just generally improve the quality of this wiki.

Now, I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "If it matters to you so much, then go do it yourself." Problem is, I can't. I'm not particularly experienced in this game as of yet, and wikis are built by a COMMUNITY. As in a lot of people. One person can't do the work of an entire community. Or, at least, I can't.

So why don't we get to work? This is a big project, for a game with a lot of content. I hope to see this project take off quickly, and can't wait to see this wiki transform into something great.

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