This encounter was released on December 25, 2014.

After watching the man, you can slowly approach the building, calling out "Hello". The man will run into the house, then you can follow and greet him inside.

When a rival group turned up, follow the man's advice to hide and not interfere. After they left, agreeing to help get Harvey the turkey back will net you a first aid kit. If you stand your ground against the men (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED), they will show up and start shooting you. You WILL take damage first, and they all have guns and can drop you right there.

At the enemy stronghold...

  • If you have a group of NPCs with you, you can choose to split up and surround the rival group. You can demand that they give up and try to talk them into giving Harvey back, but eventually will have to fight the entire group. Unsure about enemy number - but they were on the same cell. Received 230 XP, so probably 5-7, maybe more. They fight with various shotguns, so make sure you have good body armor and/or some NPCs with you. After the fight, you loot their shotguns and misc items.
  • If you have a gun, equip it and shoot the first 2 at a distance. After that, three comes out, then they run away.

Loot includes Kitchen Knife, Assault rifle, Assault Shotgun, Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Carbine Rifle, and about 8 random tools. Chance for dog companion and dog food can be found along with these tools (pieces to craft guard dog). Then you can take Harvey from the trailer and return him back to Gary. But when you get there, Gary will already have left. You will find a note saying, "I had to move to a safe place. If you have Harvey, thank you. I will find you!"